Work Bench & Vice

The more I get involved in instrument building, the more I appreciate simple but well-made tools. In this vein I am very glad about the lastest addition to my studio, an old sturdy workbench and a Schlegel 125 EMF vice. Welcome guys!


This piece is called Transit as it reminds me of my journeys through Portugal, France, Spain and the many strange places I encountered there like seedy ports, noisy train stations and sad industrial zones. It features a newly build module – the I.4 – which is a kind of illuminated xylophone with lots of inharmonic overtones. The composition is basically only one large pattern which is built-up and torn-down. It is as monotonous as most journeys tend to be…


The family of percussion modules has grown to five instruments allowing for more interesting drum patterns. The latest addition was a cymbal-like instrument made of a coat hanger.

The I.2

I created a new module: the I.2 is built upon rotary magnets that produce variations of click sounds. The discs only rotate if the current is applied for a sufficiently long time accompanied by a loud click-clack. Otherwise there is only a click without a clack.

A new hope…

The studio has found a new home in 09/2016. It is now located within the FabLab Munich. I am extremely happy to be able to use its facilities for creating novel sound and light machines.