Dr. Leo Neumann

Leo Neumann

Leo Neumann is a freelance audiovisual artist and computer scientist. He started playing piano at the age of 6 and continues banging on things he encounters around him. His work investigates the connections between sound, light, science and technology. He also enjoys ⇾dancing.



B.Sc. Computer Science, Universität Hamburg

M.Sc. Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems, Sussex University

Ph.D. Natural Sciences, University of Heidelberg / DKFZ


Previous Employments

Ponton European Media Art Lab, multimedia development, sound design

ramjac Images, music production, sound design, programming

IAV GmbH, development of driver assistance systems

BMW Group, development of hard and software for automated driving


Music & Art

– 2024 –

Die Tonlichtkonzerte, live performances, Versuchshaus, Lübeck

– 2023 –

Soundscape for the show lass es Laufen, Kulturwerft, Lübeck

unplan membran, installation, XPON-Art Galerie, Hamburg

unplan membran, installation with Berit Kröner, Brachiale 4, Lübeck

Jazz Champion MK1, installation, World Chess Hall of Fame, St. Louis USA

Tonlichtkonzert, live performance, Waldzimmer, Lübeck

– 2022 –

Tonlichteinheit 1, installation, Lab.30 Festival, Augsburg

Concert performance, Lab.30 Festival, Augsburg

Der Sensible Raum, interactive pop-up gallery, Lübeck

medium, installation, Der Sensible Raum, Lübeck

– 2020 –

Swing Street, performances in public space, Lübeck

Tonlichteinheit 1, installation, Science & Fiction Festival, Deutsches Museum, München

– 2019 –

Make Music, installation, Make Munich, München

– older –

relisten:please!, interactive art with Ole Lütjens, HotWired RGB Gallery

Learning, Soundscape on Return To The Elements: A Journey Through Imaginary Landscapes

365 Farben Grau, interactive art with Cora Franke, Molotow, Hamburg



L. Neumann (2003). Investigating Embryogenies for the Evolution of Architectural Floor Plans. M.Sc. Thesis, School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences, University of Sussex, UK

R. Eils and L. Neumann (2006). Systems Biology and Information Technology (editorial), it – Information Technology, Vol. 48, 3, 131–132

L. Neumann (2008). Modelling and Simulation of the CD95 Signalling Network. Doctoral Dissertation, Universität Heidelberg, 2008

L. Neumann, C. Pforr, J. Beaudouin, A. Pappa, N. Fricker, P.H. Krammer, I.N. Lavrik, and R. Eils (2010). Dynamics within the CD95 death-inducing signaling complex decide life and death of cells. Molecular Systems Biology, 6, 352

L. Neumann, B. Vanholme, M. Gressmann, A. Bachmann, L. Kählke, and F. Schüle (2015). Free Space Detection: a Corner Stone of Automated Driving. 18th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, IEEE