Tonlichteinheit 1

This video compiles some special moments from my exhibition at the ⇾Science & Fiction Festival 2019 in the ⇾Deutsches Museum. It was amazing for me to see what kind of moves people came up with in order to trigger the sounds – I did not expect this!

Tonlichteinheit 1 is an interactive audiovisual installation. It is based on spatiotemporal patterns defining sound synthesis as well as illumination. The presence of the viewer modulates the sound and light generation giving rise to a complex composition. By using distributed light and structure-borne sound sources the installation creates a visual and physical experience of sound. Moreover, it allows different people to interact with each other by shaping the music.

The piece follows the principles of the ⇾Tonlichtmanifest. Each voice has a color and its sequence of notes can be tracked visually. Each bar has a certain length corresponding to its pitch – deeper registers have longer bars akin to organ pipes. The volume of a note corresponds to its light intensity. Sound is produced by four transducers such that the installation itself is the sound source as opposed to a setup with external speakers. The structure-borne sound sources sit closely to the bars on each side, hence the listener hears four spatially separated voices. The composition interacts with the listener which in fact takes on the role of a conductor. Finally, due to the algorithmic nature of the composition the piece is constantly changing yet it remains a clear identity.