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Excerpt from Finland

This is the first minute of a new piece called Finland. Sometimes it is quite difficult to come up with a name for a piece and generally I think of words that I associate with the music. This time however I chose to do the opposite and pick a name that I feel has nothing to do with it and randomly came up with “Finland”. So I could equally have named it “Zucchini Soup”, “Adhesive Destruction” or “Ode to Gertrude Stein”. But I didn’t. After a while I noticed that for me the song has something to do with Finland as it bears a sense of fatalism which I would attribute also to some of Finnish culture. I guess my subconsciousness tricked me out, darn!

The Studio 2020

Finally! I moved my studio to one of Lübeck’s most famous streets: ⇾Mengstr. 44. The historical building is a typical merchant’s house from the 16th century. It is an inspiring place and I am really happy to have found it. Lots of space for lots of new ideas…

Jazz Champion

Recently, I turned an old dysfunctional chess computer into a jazz computer. In the video I play some moves against or rather with the machine. To score points, one has to enter jazz chords that match the last one played by the computer. It’s a fun way of discovering chord alterations and matching harmonies. 


I am working on a completely new interactive installation for the Science & Fiction Festival. It is based on an algorithmic composition and I created a small non-interactive prototype to evaluate emerging audiovisual patterns. This is going to be great …

Make Munich 2019

For the 2019th edition of the Maker Faire in Munich, I created a touch controller allowing for quick remixing of a tune. The simple interface was especially popular among children age 5-10. I noticed that adults mainly wanted to understand how it all works. Children instead wanted to experience and play. Or destroy.

I was also featured by Elliot Williams in a ⇾Hackaday podcast!


How does it look like when musical instruments do not make music but instead illuminate to other music playing in the room? Here are my light and sound machines shining along to Raymond Scott’s Lullaby.